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14.8. 2022 Tickets for Ryby a rybičky

Kč60.00 Save Kč30.00
No tax

Ryby a rybičky tickets for 14.8. 2022 (from choosed time until 12:00)

Online tickets have priority for entry than tickets by cash.

Action is connected with teraristic action TERRABAZAR, you will get free tiscket for TERRABAZAR with purchasing ticket for RYBY a RYBIČKY.

More information on: 

Entry from
Tickets are still available


Better prices than in pet store


Quality animals directly from breeders


Recommendation directly from breeders

Choose time of entry to action and please will keep it.

More information about action on

The organizer has the power to canceled or changed date of action. 

Children under 15 and people with disabilities have free entry.

Payments for tickets non-added to our bank account until 12 hours before action will be cancelled. In cased of payments by payment order, please contact us on our email - in this case is posible to wait.

We look forward to you!

Team Ryby a Rybičky

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Fish directly from breeders
Flowers Directly From Growers
Suitable For Aquaristic Beginner
Suitable For Professional aquarister
Aquaria and equipments
Quality Feed With Better Prices
Free Professional Consultation
Quality Roots