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Statement on the use of cookies

This website save consistent of law your personal data, named as cookies.

What is it cookies?

Cookies is small data sets according to visited website remember your action and settings which you made. Therefore you do not need set again. Cookies does not represent dangerous but it is important part of personal inforation protection. By cookies is not possible to know your identity and it is not possible to use it for abusing your access data.

Which cookies we use?

We use cookies for example for saving your last settings, like setting for PC or mobile looks, for checking of voting in polls and another for saving for your preferences during visiting this website.

Next we use cookies of third sides (like Google Analytics for analysis of visiting). This cookies is managed by third sides and we do not have access for these data.

Acceptance of cookies saving

The majority of website browsers use cookies automaticly, if your browser is not set differently. With using this website you accept with cookies saving. Cookies saving you could reduce or cancel in your seting of your browser. More information about website browsers on this links: