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Ryby a rybičky

Ryby a rybičky - The biggest exhibition and sales aquaristic bourse in Prague with long tradition. Every Sunday on Pankrác from 8:00 to 11:30 (from June until August irregulary).

What you can see on action:

  • Aquarium animals
    A wide spectrum of aquarium and pond fish, water animals, snails and prawns directly from  the breeders.
  • Aquarium and terarium plants
    There is a huge choice of aquarium and terrarium plants from growers.
  • Feeds
    You can find there also a large selection of feed: dry, live and frozen food.
  • Aquariums
    Pure or complete aquariums. There is a possibility to order gluing aquariums by its dimensions.
  • Equitments to aquariums
    Equitments to aquariums like filtration, background, roots, sands, stones, decorations etc.
  • Ceramics
    Large selection of handmade bowls, troughs, dwellings and hiding places for aquarium.
  • Literature
    You can also buy some special literature: Czech and foreign specialized books and magazines.
  • Free consultation
    We can offer you the consultation with the breeders and growers with years of experience.
  • Supplementation and drugs
    You can buy wide range of vitamins and suplements.
  • Refreshment